Refitting a t-shirt

Plenty of people have written about the (really quite big) issues involved in providing various sizes of promotional t-shirts. Very brief recap: the “unisex” sizes of t-shirts are usually cut for taller and straighter bodies, and tend to look less great on shorter, rounder, or curvier bodies. Quite a few vendors of curvier-cut blank shirts […]

What is that citation doing?

Saying “this is not my work!” Saying “this is the work of [named person or entity]!” Showing where the author found information or an idea. Showing other people where to find that information or idea, too. Showing that someone, anyone, other than the author has previously stated this piece of information or articulated this idea. […]

Extremely off-topic: -chilly- weather bike gear

We’ve recently hit true fall weather in MN, with morning temps consistently in the mid-40s to mid-50s °F (that’s like 7-13 °C for normal parts of the world.) This is the temperature range where biking can start to be uncomfortably cold for many riders, especially in everyday clothes. BUT it’s also a part of the […]

Extremely off-topic: cold-weather bike gear, part 3

January will mark my fourth anniversary as a year-round biker in Minneapolis, and since we have recently skipped from Halloween to mid-January, weather-wise, I’m reflecting on my wintry experiences, again. After last year’s polar vortex, I have a new record low riding temp: -16 °F/-26.7°C. It is just -tiring- to…

Joys of the Public Domain/Creative Commons – Aluminum!

For reasons that don’t need exploring at this juncture, I went out & found some neat-o public domain and open licensed pictures of aluminum, particularly related to its chemical/physical properties, and its use in food preparation!Food: Display of aluminum pots and pans. Date probably is around 1910- 20. Troy photo.(Cornell…