Copyright Report, vol. 4

Georgia State University (Cambridge University Press et al v. Patton/Becker) April 01, 2016 – not an April Fool’s prank: District Court issued remand opinion in Georgia State case; down to 4 infringing uses; GSU held to be prevailing party. GSU Prevails (Again) in Key Copyright Case Publisher’s Weekly reporting on the Georgia State appeals decision. … [Read more…]

UMN Copyright Report, #3

Trying a blog-based option for better readability.. Copyright “Dancing Baby” Appeals Court Decision Stands Minus the “Fair Use” Algorithms – Hollywood Reporter Court revises its opinion, but confirms earlier decision that rightsholders must consider fair use before issuing takedown notices fairuse takedowns DMCA UMNCrpt003 The Monkey Selfie Monkey just filed an appeal – 🚨 … [Read more…]

Proquest/SIPX Copyright Resource reviewed

I received multiple email forwards this morning about a “New Complimentary Copyright Guide for Libraries and Instructors” from SIPX. A couple of those forwards included a suggestion that I review. So, here’s a review: This resource is 100% accurate. It is nicely formatted. It is also really boring. The basic information it contains is: 1) … [Read more…]

Critiquing structural inequality? Incriminatingly few copyright issues.

I’ve seen some interesting videos circulating on Tumblr recently, “Every Single Word Spoken By A Character of Color in…” Their creator, actor Dylan Marron has now set up a standalone Tumblr for them: These videos copy source content, so of course they raise some copyright issues. They’re transforming and commenting on the original work, … [Read more…]