Copyright Report, Vol. 6 – lots of music action

General copyright news/info Madonna Gets Victory Over ‘Vogue’ Sample at Appeals Court | Billboard Court affirms sampling may count as de minimis, which may lay grounds for larger fair use. Does not follow Bridgeport music CBS Beats Lawsuit Over Pre-1972 Songs With Bold Copyright Argument – Hollywood Reporter So, this is fairly spectacularly ridiculous legal … [Read more…]

Copyright Report, Vol. 5

Googacle (Oracle America, Inc. v. Google, Inc.) This long-running case has previously touched on issues of copyrightability of APIs, on 5/25, a jury found that Google’s use of them was fair use. Google Wins Trial Against Oracle, Saves $9 Billion | Motherboard Sarah Jeong piece on the verdict Why the Very Silly Oracle v. Google … [Read more…]

Copyright Report, vol. 4

Georgia State University (Cambridge University Press et al v. Patton/Becker) April 01, 2016 – not an April Fool’s prank: District Court issued remand opinion in Georgia State case; down to 4 infringing uses; GSU held to be prevailing party. GSU Prevails (Again) in Key Copyright Case Publisher’s Weekly reporting on the Georgia State appeals decision. … [Read more…]

UMN Copyright Report, #3

Trying a blog-based option for better readability.. Copyright “Dancing Baby” Appeals Court Decision Stands Minus the “Fair Use” Algorithms – Hollywood Reporter Court revises its opinion, but confirms earlier decision that rightsholders must consider fair use before issuing takedown notices fairuse takedowns DMCA UMNCrpt003 The Monkey Selfie Monkey just filed an appeal – 🚨 … [Read more…]