Extremely off-topic: -chilly- weather bike gear

We’ve recently hit true fall weather in MN, with morning temps consistently in the mid-40s to mid-50s °F (that’s like 7-13 °C for normal parts of the world.) This is the temperature range where biking can start to be uncomfortably cold for many riders, especially in everyday clothes. BUT it’s also a part of the […]

Extremely off-topic: cold-weather bike gear, part 3

January will mark my fourth anniversary as a year-round biker in Minneapolis, and since we have recently skipped from Halloween to mid-January, weather-wise, I’m reflecting on my wintry experiences, again. After last year’s polar vortex, I have a new record low riding temp: -16 °F/-26.7°C. It is just -tiring- to…

Extremely off-topic: cold-weather bike gear update

Last year at this time, I did a post on things I’d learned in my first full winter (2011-2012) bike-commuting. If you’re interested in giving winter-biking a try, go read that first. However, with a second (and rather colder) winter (2012-2013) under my belt, and heading into a third, here’s…