Solutions Manual Solutions

Solutions manuals are turning out to be one of the BIG challenges of COVID teaching – most instructors are accustomed to having students buy their own textbooks, but are still pretty likely to be putting a solutions manual on physical course reserve. (I.e., making sure there’s a copy in the library that students can check […]

Copyright Report, #10

This news update is almost all about educational copying, though that’s entirely coincidental! The Copyright Office has revamped their website – They have also launched a new blog, Copyright: Creativity at Work. “Great Minds v. Fedex” – a US court case pinning down some details about Creative Commons licenses There has been a lot […]

Supreme Court Denies Cert in Authors Guild v. Google

Scanning books in order to make them searchable is fair use. (The Author’s Guild asked the Supreme Court to review the previous court’s opinions that Google Books’ scanning project is fair use, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the appeal (‘denied cert (certiorari)’), and that means the Second Circuit’s opinion on the case stands.) […]

Second Circuit issued opinion in Google Books case!

I am supposed to be taking a vacation day to get things done around the house today. Which means I’m motivated to share info about the case, but too lazy to do a full post. Time to set up a Storify account! [View the story “Second Circuit Google Books read-through” on Storify]

11th Circuit Rules On Georgia State Fair Use Case

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals issued its ruling today in Cambridge University Press et. al. v. Patton – otherwise known as “the Georgia State case.” This is a case in which academic publishers (Cambridge UP, Oxford UP, and Sage) sued a public university for use of excerpts from books…

Another flowchart deconstruction

New flowchart flying around Facebook and Twitter this morning purporting to answer the “Can I Use That Picture?” question. (Here’s the original post.) One thing the author, “The Visual Communication Guy”, Curtis Newbold, does really well is engage on some ethical issues! But the legal information has some problems. Again,…

Copyright Decisionmaking Flowchart – Some Critical Reflections

Yesterday, a new infographic on copyright decisionmaking for teachers started making the rounds in my social media spheres. It originates from Because several people asked my opinion of it, and because several other people responded with concern equal to mine when I shared it, I thought it’d be worthwhile…

Google Books suit dismissed: more affirmation of public interest in copyright

DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I worked at the University of Michigan Libraries for several years during the beginning of the book scanning project with Google that is the subject of this lawsuit. The University of Minnesota Libraries, my current employer, is also affiliated with the Google scanning project and HathiTrust Digital Library. This…

Personal Photo Sharing – Things to Think About

We just had a “managing your personal photos” drop-in session here at the Libraries, and I was tasked to help people think about legal issues. Thought I’d turn my handout into a blog post! If you’re in it, you might not own it. (Except for selfies.) Copyright ownership -usually- belongs…