Plagiarism-detection software harms students

Students are often not terribly clear about what constitutes plagiarism. You may chalk this up to inadequate instruction in high school or first-year undergraduate writing classes. But I’ll let you in on a secret: academics, in general, are not always clear about what constitutes plagiarism. Despite this real-world lack of clarity, plagiarism-detection software often presents […]

Proquest/SIPX Copyright Resource reviewed

I received multiple email forwards this morning about a “New Complimentary Copyright Guide for Libraries and Instructors” from SIPX. A couple of those forwards included a suggestion that I review. So, here’s a review: This resource is 100% accurate. It is nicely formatted. It is also really boring. The basic information it contains is: 1) […]

Critiquing structural inequality? Incriminatingly few copyright issues.

I’ve seen some interesting videos circulating on Tumblr recently, “Every Single Word Spoken By A Character of Color in…” Their creator, actor Dylan Marron has now set up a standalone Tumblr for them: These videos copy source content, so of course they raise some copyright issues. They’re transforming and commenting on the original work, […]