Solutions Manual Solutions

Solutions manuals are turning out to be one of the BIG challenges of COVID teaching – most instructors are accustomed to having students buy their own textbooks, but are still pretty likely to be putting a solutions manual on physical course reserve. (I.e., making sure there’s a copy in the library that students can check […]

What is that citation doing?

Saying “this is not my work!” Saying “this is the work of [named person or entity]!” Showing where the author found information or an idea. Showing other people where to find that information or idea, too. Showing that someone, anyone, other than the author has previously stated this piece of information or articulated this idea. […]

What does a Copyright Librarian do, anyway? Special user agreements

A lot of people I meet are curious what my job is like. In fact, a lot of my colleagues who work in the same library as me don’t know what I do with my time. So I’m going to highlight some interesting things that come up in my work. Hopefully, this may become a […]

Libraries are not anti-copyright. No, really.

I am a co-signatory on a letter sent today to the heads of the House and Senate Judiciary committees, who have expressed interest in updating/tinkering with current US copyright law. Among other suggestions, they are interested in removing the Copyright Office from the Library of Congress. This is a valid policy position, but many advocates […]

Does [X] ‘count’ as published?

To a copyright lawyer, this question sounds like it’s probably about one of two things: was some work ‘published’ for the purposes of fair use analysis, or was the work ‘published’ for the purposes of public domain status determination. (It is often more likely to be fair use to copy from published material, and there […]

Supreme Court Denies Cert in Authors Guild v. Google

Scanning books in order to make them searchable is fair use. (The Author’s Guild asked the Supreme Court to review the previous court’s opinions that Google Books’ scanning project is fair use, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the appeal (‘denied cert (certiorari)’), and that means the Second Circuit’s opinion on the case stands.) […]

Second Circuit issued opinion in Google Books case!

I am supposed to be taking a vacation day to get things done around the house today. Which means I’m motivated to share info about the case, but too lazy to do a full post. Time to set up a Storify account! [View the story “Second Circuit Google Books read-through” on Storify]

Plagiarism-detection software harms students

Students are often not terribly clear about what constitutes plagiarism. You may chalk this up to inadequate instruction in high school or first-year undergraduate writing classes. But I’ll let you in on a secret: academics, in general, are not always clear about what constitutes plagiarism. Despite this real-world lack of clarity, plagiarism-detection software often presents […]