Copyright Report, #13 – Access Copyright v. York University

This is not a full roundup of copyright news, but for those keeping an eye on copyright issues in higher education broadly, you’ll want to know about the Federal Court of Canada decision in the Access Copyright v. York University case. Access Copyright is the Canadian equivalent to the Copyright Clearance Center in the U.S.; […]

Supreme Court Denies Cert in Authors Guild v. Google

Scanning books in order to make them searchable is fair use. (The Author’s Guild asked the Supreme Court to review the previous court’s opinions that Google Books’ scanning project is fair use, the Supreme Court decided not to hear the appeal (‘denied cert (certiorari)’), and that means the Second Circuit’s opinion on the case stands.) […]

Second Circuit issued opinion in Google Books case!

I am supposed to be taking a vacation day to get things done around the house today. Which means I’m motivated to share info about the case, but too lazy to do a full post. Time to set up a Storify account! [View the story “Second Circuit Google Books read-through” on Storify]

WARNING: Deeply boring to normal people

ETA: Cross-posted at TechdirtI attended the hearing today in what the presiding judge, Magistrate Judge Franklin Noel, characterized as “several iterations of” AF Holdings LLC v. Doe (case nos. 12-1445 – 12-1449) The cases at hand have all previously settled and been dismissed, but the court determined it has the…

Best Practices in Fair Use – a couple of thoughts

Earlier this week, the Association of Research Libraries released a new document called the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries. The document is the result of a multi-year process of interviews and focus groups with librarians and others involved in library work and management,…