Solutions Manual Solutions

Solutions manuals are turning out to be one of the BIG challenges of COVID teaching – most instructors are accustomed to having students buy their own textbooks, but are still pretty likely to be putting a solutions manual on physical course reserve. (I.e., making sure there’s a copy in the library that students can check […]

Clearing up a misconception about Open Source Software

Recycling emails into blog posts, yay! Although I’m not much of a programmer, I’m a big fan of Open Source Software. Freeing source code for tinkering by random interested parties has produced a ton of awesome things I use all the time (Linux! Gimp! Libre Office! Inkscape! Audacity! Freakin’ VLC,…

Free and Legal Stuff You Can USE!

Adapted from a presentation today at “Enhancing Quality Staff 2012”, which a really fun and engaging symposium, and always really well-run (by UMN Libraries colleagues.) Sometimes it gets a little tiring to work through all the details of copyright exemptions and exceptions. Especially when we’re building on other people’s stuff…